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Trading Engineer

Collect is looking for a sharp and ambitious full-stack engineer who wants to build great trading software while maintaining a 'ship fast, ship often'- mentality


Collect is a high-frequency trading software company, founded by an experienced team of high-frequency traders, software developers, and entrepreneurs from the tech industry.

Collect researches and develops trading software for the digital assets market.

We believe the digital assets market has the potential to significantly transform the global financial markets, through the blockchain’s ability to tokenize and decentralize the trading of any asset anywhere any time.

Our mission is to contribute to the adoption and efficiency of the digital assets market, by creating dynamic arbitrage models and autonomous trading software that can provide 24/7 on-screen liquidity and enhance global price discovery.

To do that our strategy is to build a software company that is technology-driven and has an inclusive remote workplace. The founding team is based in Amsterdam but we hire remote talent as we seek global timezone coverage, in order to trade digital assets around-the-clock.

What you'll be doing

Collect researches and develops trading algorithms for the digital assets market. 

Your work as Trading Engineer varies day-to-day. One day you'll be developing trading algorithms and products collaboratively with traders, the other day you will be measuring, optimizing, and reworking global infrastructure, or ensuring that the multi-cloud deployment pipelines work as intended.

You write elegant code that others can easily follow and "run in their heads". You also don't shy away from explaining your engineering ideas to your team, so that everyone can learn from it.

In short you'll be:

• Coding algorithms and tools
• Designing intuitive trading interfaces
• Orchestrating multi-cloud infrastructure
• Streamlining software delivery and deployment
• Building an inclusive remote workplace
• Learning new things from smart co-workers

Our stack

You probably already noticed, we are fans of the JavaScript ecosystem. The current codebase hosted on GitHub makes use of Node.js, TypeScript, Docker, Jest, Redis, MySQL, Nginx, Grafana, InfluxDB. Our internal dashboard is built with React and Webpack, and relies on WebSockets for real-time updates. We deploy to cloud platforms including AWS. Our website is statically exported with ZEIT's Next.js.

No need to worry though, we're not married to any of these technologies. Even better: we would be more than happy to get your expert opinion on what technologies are more fitting for our unique use-cases. 

We're also investigating the need for splitting up our monolith into smaller applications (microservices). Of course, performance is the key-element for successful trading. It's such an important aspect of our philosophy that we strive to improve it in every way.

This is what we're looking for

We want you to be independent and positive, a problem-seeker and a problem-solver. An all-rounder with a small ego who values free time outside work just as much as work itself.

Some personal skills we value:

  • An open-minded curiosity for new technologies and tools
  • A drive along the lines of "this could be better" - and then execute on it
  • A fine eye for detail
  • The ability to communicate your thoughts in a way that everyone understands
  • You have grit - and want to ship things on a daily basis
  • You're interested in trading and digital assets 

As for development skills:

  • You know how to write concise, modular and functional TypeScript
  • You have experience with Node and WebSocket-driven backend applications
  • You have knowledge of Key-Value & SQL databases and optimizing their performance
  • You have tested code and worked with Continuous Integration pipelines
  • You're not afraid to refactor or throw away your code
  • It’s a plus if you do Open Source!

Most problems we're solving today did not exist a year ago. That's why we value a pro-active attitude above any other skills or experience.

Your impact

Your work will directly influence high-value trading strategies. Everything you do and every decision you make, also has a huge impact on the technological growth of the company. You will design & build very successful software.

What we offer

You will learn all the ins and outs of high-frequency trading and the economics of trading in general, from professional traders. You'll learn how to calculate risks and opportunities using statistics and data. On the engineering side you'll learn to deploy extremely performant, production-grade software. You'll have the freedom to explore innovative solutions. We offer a competitive salary, flexible remote working, and a delightful, energetic environment for you to develop your skills.

Join the team

We stand at the beginning of a gigantic industry; a very unique landscape. And we're aiming for the moon because we believe we can get there with a great team. Join us and build the future of digital asset trading together.